bridges / culverts

We are experienced in providing shoring designs to support buildings, bridges, adjacent structures, and formwork for temporary conditions during repair and/or alterations, or as permanent applications.

Residential & commercial

We are experienced in inspection, evaluation, planning, and preliminary and detailed design of new structures and rehabilitation of existing bridges.  Our experience covers a wide range of structures including trusses, steel girder, moveable, concrete and timber bridges.

We bring knowledge in residential and commercial projects that can make the difference between a successful project and a costly one. Our designs and site instructions are optimized (i.e. not "over engineered") to limit the amount of construction work and save you money during construction.


AMTEC Engineering Ltd. is a structural engineering consultant that provides design, inspection, management, and quality verification engineering services in the Province of Ontario.  AMTEC also provides residential and commercial structural engineering services to Contractors, Designers, Property Owners, and Realtors. Clients value us as a trusted partner because of the expertise, innovation, responsiveness, and quality we bring to their projects.