representative projects

Rehabilitation of Rosehill Avenue Bridge, City of Toronto (2017)

Temporary utility, roadway protection, and Toronto Hydro utility strengthening (underpinning) design as part of the on-going City of Toronto rehabilitation project. The structure is a single span concrete rigid frame bridge, which cross over the TTC Yonge Subway Lines, and  supports approximately 1m± of fill material above the structure.  The project involved contacting and working with utility stakeholders that own assets buried within the fill material such as Toronto Hydro, Enbridge, Rogers, Bell, Toronto Water, TTC, and Private Property Owners.

Lakeview Bridge Replacement, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (2017-2018)

Preliminary and Detail Design, and Construction Administration services for a  single span steel arch truss pedestrian bridge founded on helical pier foundations at Albion Hills Conservation in Caledon, Ontario.  

Bi-annual Bridge Inspections, Municipality of Oliver Paipoonge (2017)

Visual structural inspection of fourteen (14) structures (7 bridges and 7 culverts) under the Municipality’s jurisdiction in accordance with OSIM.

TTC Kipling Station, Entrance Ramp to Bus Roadway, On-Grade Pavement Rehabilitation

Construction and Quality Verification Engineer for the on-grade pavement rehabilitation of the entrance ramp to bus roadway at TTC Kipling Station in Toronto, Ontario. Also included was a detailed pre- and post construction condition survey, third party review, inspection using non-destructive methods, and monitoring of adjacent structures during construction.

Coopers Falls Road Bridge, Washago, Ontario (2016)

Detailed condition survey (inspection), structural evaluation, and preliminary design report for an existing steel truss bridge. 

Queens Drive Bridge Over Black Creek Drive, City of Toronto (2016)

Temporary support of two (2) I-girders which experienced severe vehicular impact damage ('strong-back' girder).  The performance deficiencies in the girders were repaired by heat straightening and replacement of the damaged steel sections. Also included was a detailed pre- and post construction condition survey, fatigue inspection using non-destructive methods, monitoring of the structure during construction, and quality verificiation engineering (QVE).

TTC Bingham Loop Shelters (2016)

​Quality verification engineering, fabrication inspection, and site inspection of two (2) bus shelters in Toronto.